Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today it was mentioned that we might get discharged tomorrow.  Wow. Really?!  In order for that to happen, we have goals to meet.
1. Remove epidural- done
2. Remove foley
3. Pain managed with oral meds only
4. Elimination on own #1 and #2

It may not seem like lofty goals, but they are a bit out of our reach currently.  Lollipop's personal goal is to make it to the playroom today.  The epidural is out, her breakfast is down, but we are still waiting on the foley before we go.

Once we are discharged from the hospital, we will still need to stick around for a day or two before we are able to travel.

We are keeping in touch with home via phone and Skype, but it still isn't like being at home.  Little Mama was missing sister, mommy and dada pretty bad yesterday.  So thankful for my parents and those who are bringing meals.  One less thing for my mom and dad to deal with.

The swelling that happened on Tuesday in my legs has dissipated, but I am spending as much time as possible with my feet up.  Would appreciate prayers for it not to return and for physical strength as Lolipop is not weight bearing for four weeks, need to clarify if that is four weeks beyond this week or including this week.  Having the wheelchair helps, but we don't have a handicap accessible bathroom, so... yeah, need strength.  Baby will be viable in about six more weeks.  Our goal is May (due in June), but reaching viability will be a load off my mind.

I am so grateful that God is in control and that we are only here because of rodding surgery and not something life threatening.  I know that He knows the end from the beginning, has a plan, and I simply have to trust

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