Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello From Omaha (Nebraska that is)

On Saturday January 5th Lollipop was being a normal kid and decided to jump on the FLOOR of her bedroom (on the rug). The rug did not slip, no one bumped her, and I doubt she even made it off her toes (to her jumping is more like heel lifts), however, the force of even her little jump caused her right tibia to snap. Surgery set up was finalized on Wednesday, Mr. Incredible, myself and Lollipop drove 12.5 hours yesterday (Sunday) with only six stops in our 704 miles AND surgery is TODAY! Her specialist here will be rodding her right tibia, right femur and possibly her left tibia. We won't know more until we check in and they take x-rays.
Soooo.... Not what we had planned (yet again), but so thankful for God's provision, quick doctors, and that her right fibula did not snap as well (we have been fighting fib fractures for months).
I will be updating here with her progress. We expect to be in the hospital 4-5 days with another 1-2 days remaining local for the just in case.

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