Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Got Sleep!

I never would have thought that two consecutive hours of sleep could be so much! (It's been a while since Mr. T was a baby...)  Other than some issues around 1am, Lollipop has slept all night!  Now of course I woke up every time someone came in the room, but if she sleeps I can sleep!  She is even back asleep after the anesthetologist coming in and chatting at 6:30!!!!  Sleep is so restorative, we NEEDED last night.
The med doc said that today (while we still have the epidural) we are going to try to transition to all oral meds.  That will put us one step closer to home, but I don't want to take any steps back in her pain management...
We still have not seen the x-rays, but the is the scoop according to the ortho surgeon.
Right Femur- had to break in 1 place to place rod.
Right Fibula- already broken, had to break in additional place and take out bone wedge to place rod.
Left Fibula- had to break in 1 place and take out bone wedge to place rod.
Her leg bones were bowed to such an extent that it was not possible to place any rods without first straightening the bone.  So pain management to promote healing is essential.  And lots of TLC.  And LOTS of prayer.
In other news, Rick saw the grandparents of the family we first saw on Monday.  (The 5 yr. old boy with the brain tumor that they discovered on Sunday.)  The little boy is doing well.  The surgeon thought he removed 50% of the tumor, but an MRI on Tuesday showed that 90% was removed with what remained shrinking in the hours since the surgery.  The tumor was at the base of his brain, pushing on his brain stem.  That is why a biopsy was impossible and they went from having an MRI and biopsy to MRI and surgery on Monday.  Please continue to lift up the little boy and his family.  He has an older sister and mom and dad are mom and boyfriend and dad and girlfriend with an overwhelming number of granparents and accessory relatives.  Divorce (or maybe just not marriage) seems to run in the family.  Still don't know his name, but with all the family drama and the boys situation... God knows it and that's what matters.
Please keep us in your prayers.  We have many hurdles to cross before we can go home and then she will be non-weight bearing for four weeks.  I am feeling okay, but yesterday noticed some swelling...keeping an eye on that.
Well the pain dance begins! Gotta go!!!!

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