Monday, January 14, 2013

Headed onto Left Leg

Just after 4 we met with the surgeon.
They had to break her rt. femur in 1 place and broke her rt. tibia in one more place and took out a wedge of bone.
Though her recovery will be longer with both legs getting rodded, we decided that because of the continued bowing and fibula fx, it would be best to go ahead and also rod her left tibia.
They are planning on placing a catheter for pain medication. Please be in prayer for the anesthesiologist to be guided by God in placing it.
Surgery was only scheduled from 1-4, but her right femur (which had fractured in China) was 'hard as rock' according to Dr. E.

Please be in prayer for a family also here in the waiting room. Their son has been sick for seven weeks-various things. Took him to the ER yesterday and they discovered a brain tumor. He is in surgery now, they had only planned on an MRI and biopsy, to remove as much of the tumor as possible. Because the tumor is at the base of his brain a biopsy was impossible.

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