Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sometimes It's Just Laughable

This morning started at some hour of darkness.  I finally registered the time about 6am and reluctantly pulled myself out of bed at 6:54.  See today is a busy day.  Definitely not unusual around here, however today is just a little more stuffed and having a newborn probably makes it seem more so.  Concurrent appointments in separate towns for different kids (so glad my dad could take M to his).  Two stacked appointments at the pediatrician's.  Two testing times for M today. Newborn pics... get the idea?!

On top of the hecticness, I wake up today with my left eye feeling funny.  Apparently there is a pocket of fluid on my eyeball!  Weird! At least it is not on my iris pupil area and my optomitrist will see my tomorrow.  But, come ON!  Wasn't there enough going on already.

So S did great with her two week check up.  She's gained 10 ounces in 7 days!!! I don't feel so bad that I didn't keep following the pediatrician's advice to continue pumping and add fortifier to the milk. As Mr. Incrdible says, S is a 'real baby' now.

E's 'sick' visit to try to determine the underlying reason for all her illnesses has landed us on topical and oral antibiotics (was really hoping to avoid more of them), we are being referred to an immunologist, and we have a stool sample collection kit (eewww!).  She was diagnosed with a couple things today (hence the antibiotics) and we are testing for more to try to find the underlying reason for all her illnesses.

And lastly I am NOT following my OB nurse's advice to take ibuprofen an hour before I take my Lovenox injection (blood thinner).  (We'll see if I keel over dead today.)  I called expressing concern about an increase in my post partum bleeding and clotting.  Their response- take something else to thin my blood and they can run labs for anemia (of course my OB is on her two week cruise! and this is another doc consulting).  Well weeks before delivery I was borderline anemic and started iron.  After delivery my hemoglobin was low and they just wanted me to continue taking iron instead of getting a transfusion. And now two weeks later I express concern over pp bleeding/clotting and the solution is to take more of my blood!!?! Sorry, I am hanging on to whatever I can and I am not going to thin it anymore than it already is.

It is days like today that remind me to not take life too seriously, not to think that I can't handle something else (because something else will always pop up), and to enjoy what God has blessed me with.  Troubles come, occassionally aplenty, and on days like today I just have to laugh! :-)

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