Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bed Rest At Home

Well, I made it home, but I am on bed rest and uh, I almost wish I wasn't home...
There I said it.  A home with six kids in it is not restful.  I somehow keep finding a way to hack off Mr. Incredible.  The house is a wreck.  I have to set alarms to take meds every four hours, and remember my morning meds and my night meds (both involving an injection now) as well.  There is no reclining bed.  The bathroom is further away.  And the house (and my room) really are a pig sty.

When we found out we were expecting and I didn't have a miscarraige, the reality of our limited accomodations for baby hit me hard.  We had already talked about some home remodel, but even though we have tried to pursue this, it still hasn't happened yet.  The only 'unoccupied' room left in the house is the study off the living/dining room.  At the time it was full of books, three book shelves, craft stuff, a desk and a piano, but at least not a person.  Well the piano now resides in the living room, we had to get rid of the love seat to fit it, so our seating is now one sofa, the piano bench and dining room chairs.  The desk is in the big boys room.  The bookshelves came to my room and now comprise a 'fake' wall.  They are of course laden with books.  The craft stuff is in my room with a little of it in my closet (but since we downsized from a huge walk in hall closet at our old house my closet was already filled with items from our former hall closet) leaving little room for the craft stuff that wasn't already in it.  So though the baby's room is neat, my room has piles of craft items, books and other homeless items that desparately need to find homes so that the cradle will fit in here.  Though I worked on it one day, my time was limited and my progress unimpressive against the enormity of the task.

And am I able to remedy any of this?!  Nope.  My uterus does seem to be less irritable with being home, but I still do have the occassional bigger contraction reminding me that it's only bed or bath, no beyond.  Even sitting outside yesterday with my feet propped raised Mr. Incredible's eyebrows and ire.  Of course he knows I will push myself, but I really wasn't.  And cutting Mr. T's hair while reclining outside really wasn't pushing my limits.  And the fact that I was sitting supervising the spot removal on the carpet in the living room really was benign.  Now I understand some irritation when I started aiding with the spot removal, but come on- I was sitting!  Yes, now you know my transgressions.  Without standing or exerting hardly anything I cut one child's hair and scrubbed a few spots.  (all might I add without contractions)  But my room cannot be cleaned while sitting and there in lies my irritation.  This is just going to have to be another one of those things that I have to let go.  Grrr.  Sometimes I really do hate letting go.

I did get to enjoy Z-man's birthday with him and for that I will rejoice and set aside my frustration with my circumstances.  He hugged me several times yesterday and said how glad he was that I was home for his birthday.  Priceless.  And hopefully me passing out for part of movie we rented for his birthday because of my 8 o'clock meds will just further endear me to him.

So here I am.  At home.  On bed rest.  Surrounded by chaos.  Waiting for what the doctor will say in the morning.

Note: Lollipop did break her arm Thursday night.  It is now in a long arm cast.  She went 15 weeks 3 days between breaks this time.

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